A High Level Bariatric Nutrition Coaching Program through The Sleeved Dietitian™ LLC. Hey friends! I'm SO glad you're here! I know that nutrition can be tricky after WLS, especially if you are someone who is trying to lose weight, maintain that loss, AND fuel for exercise!  

fueling for Exercise Edition with Melissa

Breakthrough Program

The Bariatric

So what gives? What are you supposed to eat after WLS? HOW are you supposed to eat after weight loss surgery? 

“You need to eat more carbs to build muscle!” 

“You can’t have carbs after wlS”

“You need to eat more to fuel for your workouts” 

“Don’t eat more than 1000 calories per day”

You Hear All these Conflicting Things Right?

The Bariatric Breakthrough Program is The Sleeved Dietitian™’s signature high level nutrition coaching program. This program is the perfect combination of registered dietitian lead small group and 1:1 nutrition coaching! Except this time, we are not just offering general bariatric nutrition support, but specialized support for anyone who is also trying to fuel for exercise, build muscle, and improve their metabolism on their journeys! 

Fueling for Exercise Edition with Melissa

The Bariatric Breakthrough Program

The Sleeved Dietitian™ LLC is excited to present

Hey Friends! I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Melissa, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has struggled with my weight and relationship with food my entire life. While I haven’t had weight loss surgery myself, I completely understand first hand how hard it is to struggle with weight as well as my relationship with my body and food. I also know what it’s like to struggle with being consistent with exercise. These are the things everyone expects you to know how to do, but no one ever actually teaches you. 

Melissa De Los Santos, MS, RDN, PhD Student 
T.R.I.B.E.™ Leader & rd for The Sleeved Dietitian™ LLC

a Message from Melissa

You see, Jamie’s story didn’t just inspired me to become a Bariatric Dietitian, but inspired me to research how WLS patients can fuel for exercise so they can be as strong, fit, and healthy as possible after WLS.  I’m currently finishing up my PhD program at Teachers College, Columbia University focusing my studies on fueling for exercise and the motivators/barriers to exercise after WLS. My specialty is in kinesiology and helping WLS patients overcome their struggles with food, exercise, and motivation. 

Turns out, there is actually very limited research on bariatric athletes and fueling for exercise after WLS. That is, until now.

I first decided I wanted to be a dietitian after watching my own family struggle. My dad was diagnosed with diabetes, and he was always told what to do without clear instructions on how to change his habits. It wasn’t until I was in my dietetic internship year, when my focus on helping people with diabetes shifted to a desire to help the WLS community instead. 

Did you know that Jamie and I are best friends in real life? I first met Jamie when we were finishing up our dietetic internship together. Her and I quickly became the best of friends. I watched her go through her entire WLS journey, from pre op all the way until now. I saw how hard this journey was and I related to her and her struggles SO much. 

I remember when she was 9 months post op, she was really struggling with fueling for workouts. That summer, we spent a lot of time together studying for our RD exams. She would say to me “I just don’t understand, I need to eat more to fuel for my runs, but I can’t fuel more for my runs because I’m not supposed to eat too many carbs and I get so full! It’s also so hard to stay hydrated.” 

I’ve done hard things and you can do them too.

Melissa's Journey

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Working with people in the bariatric community understand nutrition, reach their goals, and maintain their culture throughout their journey is my ultimate passion. I’m also incredibly passionate about supporting people of color on their journeys and helping bring more awareness to the barriers people of color face when it comes to getting surgery. Oh yea, and did I mention I also speak Spanish?! 

my ultimate passion

Traveling (I love new adventures!) or at home snuggling my two cats Chubs and Cheeto and my two dogs Charolette and Cherrio! I'm a foodie at heart who loves exploring new places to try out with friends! 

You Can Usually Find me
When I’m not studying or working on my research

When you join this program you MUST be able to meet for the group calls on Tuesdays. You and the other group members will vote on the time that works best for everyone (time TBD). Melissa’s availability for 1:1 coaching calls is Monday and Wednesdays from 10:00-12:00 pm EST and 1:00-3:00 pm EST. You must be able to meet during these time slots one time per month, Melissa does not have weekend or evening availability for 1:1 sessions. 


Full T.R.I.B.E.™ access included WITH THIS PROGRAM

Private community channel with Melissa and OTHER program MEMBERS all week long 

Monthly 45 minute 1:1 call (3 1:1 calls total) 

Weekly 90 minute group coaching call (12 group calls total)

3 Months of Individualized Nutrition Coaching

The Bariatric Breakthrough Program with Melissa 

What You Get When You join
  • Goal set and forecast 
  • Come up with customized work out goals 
  • Modify and improve your diet and nutrition plan to help you hit your individualized goals ( weight loss, maintenance, muscle growth, etc) 
  • Work through obstacles and challenges
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behavior 
  • Build your self belief and own your worth 
  • Improve your body image and the relationship you have with your body 
  • Stop making excuses and putting your life on hold 
  • Create a customized routine you can stick 
  • Plan meals and meal prep 
  • Hold you accountable to sticking to your goals so you can be successful 

During your 1:1 sessions, You Will...

Every week for 3 months for 90 minutes you will meet with Melissa and 4-5 others who join the program (this is a VERY exclusive program with limited spots to ensure the groups are small enough to allow for tons of individualized coaching!). On these calls, for the first 20 -30 minutes Melissa well provide nutrition education, with topics including: The Bariatric Breakthrough Meal Plate Method, Habit and Goal Setting, Understanding Nutrition for Exercise, Improving Your Metabolism and Metabolic Rate, Fueling for Workouts After WLS, etc. For the remaining hour of the call, you will receive roundtable style group coaching where Melissa will help you and the other group members plan and set your goals and answer your questions.  

What Will These Coaching Calls Look Like? 

Small Group Coaching Calls

✓ Are struggling with knowing what to eat or how much to eat after WLS
✓ Would like more individualized support with your nutrition
✓ Would like to start a workout routine or improve your workout routine
✓ Want to improve your metabolism so you can keep the weight off
✓ Want support with training for higher level athletic activities after WLS (Ex: CrossFit, HIIT training, running, etc)
✓ Are ready to invest in yourself and your journey
✓ Are ready to be a part of an incredible community where you will receive and give support to others
✓ Are in your first year post-op and trying to add exercise into your routine
✓ Are struggling with regain and want to improve your nutrition and exercise routine to help you lose the regain
✓ Are looking for support navigating maintenance
✓ Want support with changing your body composition by gaining muscle & losing fat mass

This Program is For You If You... 

You are not able to dedicate the time needed to show up to calls 

You are not willing to put in the work and apply the things Melissa will teach you 

You are currently on the liquid diet phase of your journey 

YOU'RE Someone who is not medically cleared to implement physical activity 

You are not willing to support the other people in your group 

This Program is NOT For You If: 

We are opening up this program to women, those who identify as women, and nonbinary/non gender conforming people at any stage of their bariatric journey. You are welcome to join if you are pre op, in your first year post op, and beyond. HOWEVER if you will be on your liquid diet during any part of the program, we do suggest waiting to join until the next round. It’s important to remember that even if you join this program, this program cannot replace the diet or medical advice given to your by your bariatric team.

Who Can Join? 

Disclaimer: The Bariatric Breakthrough Program with Melissa through The Sleeved Dietitian, LLC is a holistic health and wellness coaching program that can help you improve your nutrition, your routine, and get you on the right path on your bariatric journey so you can hit your goals! This program is not counseling. We highly suggest you already be working with a therapist or counselor to get the most out of Melissa’s services. Melissa does not treat any mental health disorder, addiction, eating disorders, etc. Melissa does not prescribe diets, meal plans, customized workout plans, customized macro plans. This coaching program is not intended to replace the advice or guidance given to you by your own practitioners or bariatric team. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Melissa will not be giving customized meal plans or macro plans. She will however, help give you feedback and assist you in improving your diet and nutrition. For example: she may help you with restructuring your plate, your protein intake, strategically adding carbs, making sure you are hitting water goals, rearranging the timing of your meals and snacks, etc. 

No, Melissa is not a personal trainer so she will not be providing detailed exercise routines. What she WILL be doing though is helping you create an exercise routine, help you find figure out how long you should be working out, and most importantly, helping you to fuel properly for the workouts you choose to do. 

Once you apply, The Sleeved Dietitian Team will review your application. Based on your application, if you seem like a good fit for the program, you will receive an email inviting you to sign up and join. Once your payment and contract is submitted, you will receive further details on booking and when your calls will be. 

You are welcome to join at any stage in your bariatric journey! However, if you are not cleared to work out by your surgical team or are going to be on your liquid diet at any point during the program, we do recommend holding off on joining until the next round. 

We do not provide refunds. Once you join you are obligated to pay the full amount of the program investment. 

Nope! It’s very important you continue to refer to your bariatric center to make sure you meet their requirements for surgery. 

Absolutely not. It is very important you continue to follow up with your bariatric team as you always have. 

No! This program does not diagnose, treat, or replace mental health services of any kind. 

Yup! As long as you are able to meet with Melissa between the times of 10:00-12:00 pm EST and 1:00-3:00 pm EST, you are welcome to join her coaching program.  You MUST be able to meet for the group calls on Tuesdays (time TBD). Please note all payments will be made in USD.

The total cost of the program is $2,297. We do have payment plan options. Based on your application, if you are offered a spot, your payment plan options will be: 1. Pay in full $2,297 2. 3 Month Payment plan option of $799/month 3. 5 month extended payment plan option of $499/month for 5 months (TRIBE not included last 2 months, billed separately) 

Sessions with Melissa will begin the second week of May 2022

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Please email us directly right here for any questions or feedback. 

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