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Hey girl hey! I’m so glad you’re here and that you’re ready to put your excuses aside and do the damn thing! A high level, luxury, 1:1 bariatric coaching program with our very own health coach Melanie Tocco. 


Health and Wellness Coaching Program through The Sleeved Dietitian™ LLC

Mel's Mindset

The Sleeved Dietitian™ LLC is beyond excited to present to you for the first time Mel’s Mindset Intensive!

Do you ever look at other people on their journeys and think “Wow, they’re killing it, I wish I could hit my goals like they are” ? Girl come on, you know that comparison is the thief of joy. The thing is, you CAN hit your goals. What makes you think you can’t? What makes you think you don’t deserve the same success?

with our health coach Melanie Tocco

1:1 Bariatric Program

A high level & luxury
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You can. And Mel can help you get there. 
  • Stopped doubting yourself and your greatness
  • Stopped comparing yourself to others & finally owned your worth 
  • Could have that dreamy routine you’ve been wanting for yourself 
  • Had a better body image and felt proud of the body you live in 
  • Could stop procrastinating and making excuses 
  • Could overcome your self sabotaging behaviors and finally get out of your own way
  • Finally believed you were a success and stopped feeling like a “failure” 

Imagine if you..
 finally have the life you’ve been dreaming of. 
Imagine If You Could Wake Up In The Morning And

It might be easy to look at me and go “Wow she’s so lucky.” But luck had nothing to do with it. Every intentional choice I made has led me to this point. I worked HARD for this. Losing 160+ lbs since having VSG in 2020 and going through multiple plastic surgerys has been anything but easy. But you have to choose your hard. I had to get out of my own way and put in the work to get here. You have to do that too. I hate to be the one to break it to ya but there’s no shortcuts. No magic pills. No quick fixes. 

Investing in my own coach on my journey was an integral part of my success. Yes I did the work, but I also had someone supporting and guiding me to help direct me to get there. I’m here to encourage and support you so you can overcome your obstacles and hit your goals too. 

When I’m not coaching bad asses like yourself, you can usually find me throwing around weights at my CrossFit gym or playing with leggos with my kiddos (who am I kidding, I play with their legos once they go to bed! lol) You’ll never catch me selling you a product or discount code (although, I might break that rule if any cheese farms want to collab, do I have any takers?) To top it all off, I’m a Disney adult who loves a good impromptu travel excursion and I have a mild obsession with clothes shopping. 

I’ve done hard things and you can do them too.

A Message from Mel  

 I’m here to help you look inward and actually make this journey a lifestyle, not just another quick fix. I want to help you get out of the all or nothing mindset and finally stop self sabotaging. I know you can get there, and I hope to be the one to support you doing it! 

make the changes you’ve always struggled to make.

I’m Here To Help You 

Coaching is something that Mel has extensive experience in. Mel is both a Certified Postpartum Doula as well as a Certified Health Coach. Mel obtained her Health Coaching Certification through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2017. Not only is Mel a certified INN Health Coach, but she is also a CrossFit coach and T.R.I.B.E.™ leader. In the T.R.I.B.E.™, Mel has led dozens of support groups and has previously offered Accountability Coaching for The Sleeved Dietitian, LLC.  We are so excited for her to put her coaching skills to use and for her to help support you in managing your mindset on your bariatric journey with this high level coaching program. 

Mel’s Credentials & Experience 

Mel’s availability for 1:1 clients is only offered on Wednesdays from 10am-2pm EST and Thursdays from 2pm-6pm EST. It’s important that if you agree to work with her that you can commit to meeting with her during these time frames on a weekly recurring basis. 


Access to the T.R.I.B.E. at a discounted rate once coaching ends

Full T.R.I.B.E. access during the THREE months of coaching

Minimum of 2 check-ins per week in between Zoom calls via text message

Exclusive text messaging access to text Mel anytime during the program

12 45-Minute Weekly Private 1:1 Coaching Calls via Zoom 

Mel’s Mindset Intensive 3-Month 1:1 Coaching Program 

What You Get When You join
  • Goal set and forecast 
  • Work through obstacles and challenges
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behavior 
  • Build your self belief and own your worth 
  • Improve your body image and the relationship you have with your body 
  • Stop making excuses and putting your life on hold 
  • Create a customized routine you can stick 
  • Plan meals and meal prep 
  • Improve your health and wellness using a holistic and integrative approach 
  • Hold you accountable to sticking to your goals so you can be successful 
  • Get out of the all or nothing mentality 
  • Improve your mindset so you can be happier and healthier all around

During your 1:1 sessions with Mel, she will help you

What will these sessions look like?

Disclaimer: Mel’s Mindset Intensive with The Sleeved Dietitian, LLC is a holistic health and wellness coaching program that can help you improve your mindset, your routine, and get you on the right path on your bariatric journey so you can hit your goals! This program is not counseling. We highly suggest you already be working with a therapist or counselor to get the most out of Mel’s services. Mel does not treat any mental health disorder, addiction, eating disorders, etc. This coaching program is not intended to replace the advice or guidance given to you by your own practitioners or bariatric team. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this excerpt from INN:
 “A Health Coach is trained to help clients reach their health goals. They receive training from a qualified program that teaches necessary coaching skills, as well as foundational nutrition information in order to best serve their clients and their health concerns. Health Coaches do not diagnose, nor do they treat. Health Coaches can be part of a larger healthcare team in which they are one part of a client’s health journey, providing a safe space for the client to explore their options on how to improve their own health.

A Registered Dietitian (RD) is a food and nutrition expert who have 1) completed a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with an accredited institution; 2) completed a 6-12 month supervised practice program; 3) passed a national exam and 4) kept up with continuing education requirements, as needed. RD’s are licensed to provide dietary recommendations for their clients based on the client’s medical and individual needs.”

You are welcome to join at any stage in your bariatric journey!

Nope! Mel does not give meal plans. Mel helps with general nutrition guidance that falls within her health coaching scope of practice. During your time with Mel you will also have T.R.I.B.E™ access where you can ask Jamie, RD, more specific nutrition questions if needed.

This program is an investment of $2,997 USD. If you are unable to pay in full, we do have 2 different payment plan options available. You may choose a payment plan of either $1,049/month for 3 months OR $659/month for 5 months.

We do not provide refunds. Once you join you are obligated to pay the full amount of the program investment. 

Nope! It’s very important you continue to refer to your bariatric center to make sure you meet their requirements for surgery. 

Absolutely not. It is very important you continue to follow up with your bariatric team as you always have. 

No! This program does not diagnose, treat, or replace mental health services of any kind. 

Yup! As long as you are able to meet with Mel during her availability of Wednesdays from 10am-2pm EST and Thursdays from 2pm- 6pm EST you are welcome to join her coaching program. Please note all payments will be made in USD.

Mel's next round of coaching will be starting the second week of July 2022. 

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Please email us directly right here for any questions or feedback. 

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