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Traveling is something that can be tricky after Weight Loss Surgery (WLS). When you travel, you can be off your routine, eating out more, and not hydrating as much as you were before (which is totally ok! You should enjoy yourself, babe). Whether you are traveling for work or enjoyment, it’s important that you feel […]

Traveling After Weight Loss Surgery (Tips, Tricks and More)


I know it can feel so overwhelming trying to figure out what to eat, when to eat and how to get all of your fluids and vitamins in too. It feels like all we can do is try to stay ‘on schedule’ and think about all of these things, but I’m here to tell you […]

Sample Day of Bariatric Eating

Bariatric Tips

One of my clients inside the T.R.I.B.E. messaged me this week saying “Post op life is just so hard because I’m not able to have any of the foods I love.” And my response to her was “why can’t you?” Here’s the thing – you CAN have foods you love after weight loss surgery. You […]

You’re still allowed to love food after WLS

Bariatric Tips

Starting out on a bariatric diet after weight loss surgery can be overwhelming. Finding the right breakfast options that are high in protein and that are satisfying can be difficult, but with some creativity and planning, it is definitely possible! If you’re new around here: Welcome! I’m Jamie and I’m writing this blog both as […]

Protein-Packed Bariatric Breakfast Ideas for After Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric Tips

So you’ve had weight loss surgery and your bariatric surgery team has laid down an ultimatum: no more snacking. Period.  Do they really mean it? Like, never, ever, ever?  Worrying about when it is okay to have a bite of this or a handful of that might have your belly churning with stress and guilt.  […]

Are Bariatric Snacks Even Allowed? Pro Tips From an RD.

Bariatric Tips
A green button with the caption push to reset the world

Babes: get ready. Today’s topic – pouch reset, aka gastric sleeve resets – gets me heated. They’re trendy and popular and they also put me in the red because they’re also 100% bullshit.  I’m going to spill all of the tea on what a “reset” is and why I absolutely do NOT recommend them. But […]

Is a Pouch Reset  Really Necessary?

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