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These are my least favorite questions that I see being asked by other bariatric patients. “Omg can you actually eat all of that?” “Wait, are you able to eat all of that?” “Oh wow, I could never eat all of that.” Over time, many bariatric patients can consume larger quantities of food, which can be […]

“Are you actually able to eat all of that?”

Weight Loss

With Valentine’s Day approaching, this month is all about love. But let’s be honest. Sometimes it’s not all roses and chocolates. Sometimes, the idea of love after weight loss surgery can feel impossible. Before we learn to accept and receive love from others, we must learn to love ourselves. To accept who we are, who […]

Why you Need More Self-love after WLS


*Trigger Warning: This post discusses pregnancy after WLS, risks that may be associated with it, and other information. If you feel that you are sensitive to these topics, please do not move forward and read this blog post. Sending you a huge hug <3  Let’s talk about pregnancy after weight loss surgery. I know for […]

Everything You Need to Know about Pregnancy after WLS

Bariatric Tips

I love affirmations! Have you used them yet on your WLS journey? They are one of the easiest and most effective ways to help your mindset through this journey. They help us build confidence and change the way we think and talk to ourselves. As we make lifestyle changes, we need to be kind and […]

Affirmations after WLS


It’s incredible you have these goals for yourself. I’m so proud of you for wanting to improve and make your dreams come to life!  It’s not that your resolutions and your dreams aren’t great, they’re amazing! So, I want to preface this post by saying, if you see a resolution on here I’m displaying as […]

5 Common Mistakes I See People Make When They Set New Year Resolutions after WLS

Bariatric Tips
A green button with the caption push to reset the world

Babes: get ready. Today’s topic – pouch reset, aka gastric sleeve resets – gets me heated. They’re trendy and popular and they also put me in the red because they’re also 100% bullshit.  I’m going to spill all of the tea on what a “reset” is and why I absolutely do NOT recommend them. But […]

Is a Pouch Reset  Really Necessary?

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