How to Pick a Protein Powder After WLS

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Let’s talk about protein powder! I think we all can agree that protein powder is a staple after WLS! I want to help you pick the best one for YOU, so let’s dive in.

How to pick the best protein powder for YOU! 

*Please keep in mind that this is for a protein shake, not a meal replacement

Check the nutrition label:

Flip over the bag or container and find the nutrition label. There are a few things I want you to peek at. 

Protein content:

First, how much protein is in 1 serving? The goal is to have a minimum of 20g per serving, but ideally the higher the better (assuming there are no other medical conditions where you need to limit protein consumption).

Whether it be plant-based or whey-based, the goal is to have protein higher than carbs.

Carb content:

A few grams of carbs are expected in a protein powder, but keep in mind that ideally, carbs would be significantly lower than the protein content. 

We want to ensure blood sugar balance when it comes to protein powders. When choosing a protein powder, I recommend searching for something lower than 10g of carbs per serving

Fat content: 

The goal is for the fat content to be minimal. Stick to a maximum of 10g of fat or fewer per serving. 

If you are making a smoothie or mixing your protein powder with milk, keep in mind that there may be other fat sources included that need to be accounted for. 1 serving of fat = 10g.

What about collagen?

Collagen is NOT considered a complete protein, therefore it does not count towards your protein goals for the day. Collagen is missing one of the essential amino acids that make up a complete protein. Collagen is typically made of bovine or marine animals, whereas protein powder is made of milk (whey), plants, or eggs.

Collagen has many health benefits. Studies show that it helps with bone, skin, nails, hair, and heart health. Collage can be a great thing to add into your routine if you feel called, but it does not count towards your protein goals after weight loss surgery.

My Bariatric Friendly favorite protein powders:

Keep in mind, these are not the ONLY bariatric-friendly protein powders on the market, these are just my favorite brands that I know, like, and trust!

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