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Restrictive Diets with Jamie Mills, The Sleeved Dietitian LLC

If you want things to change…

Then you have to actually do things differently. Making the same mistake twice isn’t a mistake. It’s a choice. If this one stings a little bit, then perhaps you know it’s true. Please know I’m not trying to shame you or make you upset if this one does sting. But we can’t change what we don’t acknowledge, and I’d like to help you make productive choices in your journey. You can’t keep doing the same things you’ve always done or try restrictive diets, and expect different results.

There were so many things you tried before surgery that didn’t work.

Weight Watchers didn’t work. Keto didn’t work. Liquid diets and detoxes didn’t work. Paleo didn’t work. Macro and calorie counting didn’t work. Whole 30 didn’t work. The list goes on. Most of us tried every single diet under the sun before surgery. I don’t know one person who didn’t “try” to lose weight before choosing to get their stomach removed.

So now that you’re post op, why are you going back to things that didn’t work before? Why are they going to work now?

The thing is, restrictive diets don’t work.

At least not long term. Sure you might lose some weight, but will you keep it off? How about you stop making the same mistakes as before?

Why don’t you try something new? Why don’t you try a different approach to hit your goals?

Why don’t you work on self care? How about focusing on your mindset?

What if you took the time you needed to heal your relationship with food?

What if you started giving yourself grace for the things you can’t control?

What if you start eating balanced plates filled with foods that satisfy you rather than taking everything you love away?

What if you started creating new habits and were able to be consistent with them?

What if you found yourself an accountability and support system?

If you want things to change and you want to get off that all-or-nothing band wagon you’ve always been on, you have to actually start doing things differently. So if you are on a WLS journey, know that long-term, restrictive diets don’t work.

Instead of focusing on gimmicks and fad restrictive diets here is what I want you to focus on instead: 

  1. Follow your surgeon/dietitians guidelines (your post op diet by your surgical team IS to be followed! That’s different than following WW or Keto!) 
  2. Focus on eating your protein first at meals
  3. Wait 30 minutes between eating and drinking 
  4. Move your body
  5. Portion you food and focus on being mindful at meals.

You don’t need another gimmick or fad diet. What you need is to focus on these habits and be consistent!

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