5 Bariatric-Friendly Cozy Drinks to Try This Holiday Season


Hey Babe! I can’t believe the holiday season is in full swing. How are you feeling about it?

Tell me if you agree — there’s nothing quite like cozying up with your loved ones, fire crackling in the background, our favorite nostalgic movie on, with a cozy winter drink in hand.

Core Holiday Memory Unlocked 🔐 

One of the biggest fears I ran into when I was first post-op was that I thought I couldn’t have my favorite holiday drinks anymore, but that doesn’t have to be the case at all!

If you’re holding back from enjoying winter-inspired beverages because of the added sugar, I’ve got you!

*Disclaimer: Depending on where you’re at post/pre-op, I always consult your bariatric team first. Deviating from your post-surgery diet is not an option. Be sure to choose a milk option that is right for you. Please be sure to only have caffeine/coffee again once approved by your team. You may need to modify some of these recipes to fit your needs by.

Here are my favorite drinks to make this season that are not only delicious but also bariatric-friendly as well: 

Pro-Tip – you can get SO many of these sugar-free syrups at stores like Homegoods or Marshalls for just $3-$4!

That’s a Wrap:

The last thing I want for you is to feel like you missed out on your favorite parts of the holidays. Enjoy these 5 bariatric-friendly drinks while still meeting your WLS goals! It’s a win-win!

If you’re looking for more amazing bariatric-friendly recipes or are ready to have more support, guidance, and camaraderie with people who know what you’re going through, check out the T.R.I.B.E.; you’ll feel empowered and supported as you navigate your dream bariatric life. You’ve got this; we can help!

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