Traveling After Weight Loss Surgery (Tips, Tricks and More)


Traveling is something that can be tricky after Weight Loss Surgery (WLS).

When you travel, you can be off your routine, eating out more, and not hydrating as much as you were before (which is totally ok! You should enjoy yourself, babe).

Whether you are traveling for work or enjoyment, it’s important that you feel your best and have a good time doing it! The goal is for you to stick to what works for you and prioritize the basics- protein, water, and vitamins- the best you can. That means preparing for success will be helpful while traveling after WLS.

I always make sure I pack some foods that are easy to travel with whether you are going by car, plane, or train. As bariatric patients, we know that we need to fuel ourselves so making sure you have enough to last for the day is key!

Luckily, you can find many bariatric-friendly meals and snacks these days while traveling at airports, rest stops, etc.

I know this time of year is very common for traveling so today I am sharing my Top Travel Tips after Weight Loss Surgery

My top travel tips:

And don’t forget – no one expects you to be perfect when you travel. No such thing as perfect anyway. It’s okay if you get thrown off from your routine. Do your best to hit your protein and water goals and plan ahead. You got this!

  1. Bring lots of bariatric-friendly snacks with you!
    • Either pack your own ahead of time or purchase some extra goodies when you get to the airport. You never know when your flight might get delayed. I’ve also been on flights that were much longer than expected due to the weather and such. And let’s be honest, plane snacks aren’t the greatest. I suggest getting some high protein and high fiber options that you feel comfortable eating.
    • If you are traveling by car, pack a small cooler with all of your meals/snacks/drinks
    • If you are traveling for work/going to a catered event, ask to see the menu beforehand if you’d like but always bring a protein bar in your pocket just in case!
  1. Eat consistently. Keeping track of time when traveling (especially if you’re changing time zones) can be difficult. Try to have something every couple of hours so you don’t go too long without eating.
    • Some easy grab-and-go snacks: Protein shakes, protein bars, Quest Protein Chips, Meat sticks/beef jerky, string cheese, dried chickpeas or edamame.
    • Are snacks allowed after Weight Loss Surgery? Read my blog post: Are Bariatric Snacks Even Allowed? Pro Tips From an RD 
  2. Stay hydrated!!! This one is SO important. I always have extra water or Gatorade Zero with me.
    • If you like flavored water, make sure you pack your sugar-free flavoring packets to last you the whole trip
    • Pack some protein powder to use in Proffee or to drink for extra hydration and protein
  3. Once you get to your hotel room I suggest getting some essentials ordered to your room.
    • Most rooms have a mini fridge of some kind so you may want to consider ordering cheese, yogurt, deli meat, etc to keep in the fridge and have some things on hand.
    • My typical travel Instacart order: water, Gatorade Zero, yogurt, baby bell cheese, protein shakes, and protein bars. Just so I have some options for snacks. If you place your order to the hotel you can ask them to leave your groceries at the front desk.
  4. Be sure to pack all your vitamins and medications you might need in your personal item
    • I always keep my vitamin holder packed for at least 3 days in my carryon just in case
    • Set alarms on your phone to remind me when to take them so I don’t forget!
  5. Keep your routine where you can
    • This means following your typical eating, drinking and vitamin schedule
    • Check out this blog post to see a sample day of bariatric eating that can help guide you: Same Day of Bariatric Eating Blog Post

That’s a Wrap

Keeping traveling simple is the name of the game. It’s important you enjoy your time and do the best you can to stick to your routine when you can!

For the first time ever I’m offering a step-by-step self-paced course to support you with overcoming snacking and mindless eating after surgery called TACKLING SNACKING BARIATRIC MINI COURSE!

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-Stop obsessing over every bite.

-Eat enough to keep you full and satisfied AND still hit your goals

-Stop the regain train and get back on track

-Let go of the guilt you feel every day when you aren’t “perfect” with your eating.

-Create epic, long-lasting changes in your habits so you can keep the weight off long-term.

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