Everything You Need to Know About Vitamins After WLS

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Let’s get real – vitamins aren’t exactly the most glamorous part of the bariatric journey.

They are NOT optional after WLS. I cannot stress enough how important it is for ALL (yes all) bariatric patients to take their bariatric vitamins long-term.

As someone who is nearly 6 years post op VSG it took me a while to find a bariatric vitamin routine that actually works for me. Unfortunately, a lot of other bariatric multivitamins made me really sick to my stomach and it made taking them every day even harder.

Now, let’s debunk a few misconceptions. 

  • Some people believe that after a couple of years, they’re good to go if their blood work looks fine. Wrong. Most vitamin deficiencies don’t show up until beyond four years post-op. So, we’re in this for the long haul, babe! 
  • Oh, VSG myths. There’s a notion that if you’ve had VSG, vitamins aren’t a big deal. False. Even as a fellow VSG patient, I’ll tell you – we still need them. There’s a little malabsorption with certain vitamins like B12. So, yep, whether you had VSG, bypass, or any other kind of bariatric surgery, vitamins are our friends.

Now, let’s make the vitamin game easier: 

Grab a bariatric specific multivitamin! After WLS your body gets depleted and cannot absorb as many vitamins and nutrients as it used to. This is why you NEED to be on a bariatric-specific multivitamin after WLS. This is the magic ticket to meet all those needs!

My personal favorite: Bari Life’s Vanilla-Scented One-A-Day Multivitamin has literally changed the game for me. It is truly the only bariatric multivitamin that does not make me sick. The vanilla coating around the capsule makes it go down so easy and there is no bad aftertaste or upset stomach. And I’m happy to report that all my recent blood work came back PERFECT.

And don’t forget calcium. You need to supplement with calcium after WLS, as well. It’s a bone & teeth superhero. Grab calcium citrate – it’s the bariatric winner. You’ll need about 1200 to 1500 milligrams daily.

My personal favorite: I take Bari Life’s Calcium Chews every single day! They have 3 amazing flavors and I rotate between them all. Take 3 calcium chews (500mg of calcium citrate each) spaced out by at least two hours. 

But here’s the catch – calcium and iron don’t dance well together. Space your multivitamin and calcium out by a good two hours. And don’t down all your calcium at once. Three separate doses spread over the day will keep your body smiling!

My recommended vitamin routine:

So here is my easy-peasy go-to bariatric vitamin routine that I use and that I share with all my clients: 

1.Take the Bari Life vanilla scented multivitamin 1x per day with a meal (I personally take it when I have breakfast or my first meal of the day)

2.Take 3 calcium chews (500mg of calcium citrate each) spaced out by at least two hours. For me this looks like taking one at lunch, one at dinner, and one before bed.

Following this routine ensures that you are meeting 100% of the ASMBS Guidelines to meet your micronutrient needs as a bariatric patient. The only nuance here is if you require additional iron beyond the 45mg that is already in the multivitamin (always check with your doctor!) And don’t forget, spacing your vitamins out by 2 hours is important for absorption.

That’s a Wrap!

I’m so excited to share that after being a long-time Bari Life fan I am officially partnering with them to be able to bring all of you more affordable, discounted bariatric vitamins and bariatric nutrition education.

To save 20% off your first Bari Life order and/or earn 2x rewards points us the code TRIBE20 at checkout!

It’s important you make a vitamin routine that works for you! Don’t skip this part. These vitamins help your body heal, rest, and digest, they help with hair loss, your organs working properly and so much more! As always, you know your body and life better than anyone. The goal is to make this routine a habit that fits into your life!

** Please note that The Sleeved Dietitian, LLC is a Bari Life Partner**
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